The Josiah Brunson Chapter


Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Center Point, Alabama

The Josiah Brunson Chapter was founded in 1974 and named for Josiah Brunson. Mrs. Claire Cooper Dorough, a descendant of Josiah Brunson, had been asked by Dorothy Youngblood Woodyerd, the Alabama State Regent, to organize a chapter in the eastern part of the city of Birmingham.

Josiah Brunson was born September 7, 1750 in St. Mark Parish, South Carolina. At the time of the American Revolution, Josiah and six of his brothers served with General Francis Marion's Brigade in South Carolina.








ABOUT DAR: The DAR Objectives are:

Preservation, Education and Patriotism. The DAR motto is God, Home, and Country.

We promote patriotism, service to our community and to our country and the conservation of the beautiful land in which we as Americans live. We help educate our students and recognize the special accomplishments of young people. We work to preserve our history and historical sites. We welcome our new citizens and introduce them to life in America and help care for our veterans and their families. Our Alabama Society has more than 4,000 members in more than 70 chapters..




The Josiah Brunson DAR Chapter meets the first Saturday of every month, October through May.. For more information about our chapter, you can Email

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